Stitch-a-long: Knit Stitch

Hello Friends!

And welcome back to the #HYAstitchalong!


Last month we learned the Jasmine Stitch (ps it’s complicated but not impossible if you haven’t seen it yet)

I’m not gonna lie to y’all and say that I was a complete success at it. I got busy with other projects and pushed it off several times. I did start a scarf and it’s so fluffy and puffy and warm! I’m using caron cakes so the variegated color changes are beautiful!

For a success story check out the pillow that Gemma made!! She’s one talented lady (plus she’s having a yarn wedding too so she’s my girl crush)

A photo posted by Gemma Russ (@gremlincrochet) on Jan 15, 2017 at 7:34am PST


So for February I couldn’t NOT do a stitch that involves hearts! Plus it’s super popular right now and I wanted to learn it.

Here it is in clipart form. Basically we can create a piece that looks knitted, but is realyl crochet!

Image result for knit stitch


  • I watched this tutorial by Wilma first, and honestly found it really difficult to stitch in the spaces.
  • Then I followed her stitch, but into the normal spaces of the stitch and created the same hearts sooooo…..that’s what I’m going to do, feel free to join me 😉
  • Here’s another really good tutorial to follow along with.


  • Check out this adorable heart pouch by Maria!
  • If you’d rather make a hat, tune in to this step-by-step.
  • Or you can just follow along a normal pattern and use two colors to place hearts to your lil’ hearts content like I’m doing!

I promise to attempt the real way to do this stitch at least one more time before I just cheat….but I mean, if ya ask me, if your only goal is to get the hearts, then you don’t need to do it the hard way. IF you want your work to look knitted, then yea, you’ll have to go in the spaces. Your choice!

I’m so excited for this stitch and I can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with!

Now who’s in! Be sure to tag your work #HYAstitchalong so I can see your work!

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