Randal the Elf – FREE Pattern

Happy Holidays Friends!

It’s December which means we need to talk about Christmas. Or if you’re like me, more likely you started thinking about Christmas in July. I’m not crazy, but when you’re making gifts for 10+ people, you gotta get an early jump on things, ya know.

Anyway, now that I’ve been crocheting for a good while and have made my fair share of amigurumis (that’s the Japanese term for small knitted/crocheted stuffed creatures), I decided to try my hand at writing my own pattern.

Enter the Elf Mantle Doll. Aka (thanks to my good pal Rebecca who said I have to have a name) Randal!


I can’t very well call him the Elf on the Shelf, I’ve been told it’s taken, but that’s exactly what he does. He sits on your shelf, or mantle, or bookcase, or where ever you’d like him to sit. He has a nice flat bottom made specifically for that reason.

I actually originally made a Santa doll and the elf was supposed to be his companion, but I ended up loving the elf more. Plus Santa, being my first ever written pattern still needs a little work. He’s not bad, just not great, so his pattern will come later.

For now you can catch this elf pattern in my Ravelry store. He’s a bit lonely at the moment, but after the Holidays I plan on finally writing up my Marvel character patterns. Spiderman has been a big hit ever since I made him for my niece. She requested a spider-pig, and then I got requests for the spider-pig without the pig features.

But back to my Elf guy.

elf amigurumi crochet pattern

Cute ain’t he?

I love the detailing on his coat and his nose poking out from under his hat. As a friend pointed out, he kind of looks like the elves from the Island of Misfit Toys. You remember that movie?

Here he is with his hat off……not so cute….

elf amigurumi crochet doll

And I also hadn’t weaved in a my ends when I took this picture. Without his hat he would definitely need some facial features. I didn’t attach the hat, but it’s a snug enough fit that unless you’re wanting it off on purpose, it’ll stay put. Of leave his hat higher and give him a face, your choice!

That’s the fun of amigurumi. There’s a lot of room to take something and give it your own spin!

As this is my first pattern I have published and ready for download, you’d be really helping me out so I wanted to help you out a bit too. Click right here to check out the pattern!

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