20 Things About Me

Hello Instagram friends,

Assuming most of you are hopping over here from Insta anyway. I’ve never been know for being at a loss for words and in an attempt to get a little more visibility on my blog, I played a tricky blogger trick on you.

Hope you’re not mad 🙂

Sorry if you are….

I’m starting at #6 because I posted the first 5 to Instagram. You can click over to read them if you came here via Bloglovin (See there’s those sneaky blogger tricks again) It’s under the same photo as above.

6. We moved a lot growing up and I continued that tradition after moving out to College. The longest I have ever lived anywhere was Augusta, GA for 5 years. 8th-12th grade. Go Pack!

7. I have been to 42/50 US states and have a photo of each state sign in a tiny album with the date I was there. I’m missing the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Hawaii, & Alaska.

8. The only other country I’ve been to is Canada before you even needed a passport and the only thing I remember about it was the water slide that was inside the hotel. Pretty sure one of my brothers broke a tooth by gettnig kicked in the face on that trip too.

9. My favorite place I have ever lived was Lexington, KY where I was for 2 years while in graduate school. If I could get JB to ever leave Mass, I would choose to move back there. If anyone in Kentucky would like to send me some North Lime donuts I wouldn’t say no.

10. My least favorite place I’ve ever lived was Provo, Utah where I lived for 3 years during College. Not because of the people or the actual place though, my best friends all still live in that area and I had a great time. I was just too far from my family and was constantly homesick.

11. My two degrees are in Athletic Training (undergrad) & Health Promotion (graduate). I don’t currently work directly in either field but I use what I learned daily so no waste of knowledge here!

12. I am firmly on Team Redvines. They’re only sold in CVS or Walgreens up here, not that I’ve gone in search for them or anything.

13. JB is part of a Fantasy Football group and they have a giant trophy that goes to the winner. The winner then has to add something to the trophy. JB won 2 years ago and added a TMNT turtle I made with #28 on it for Adrian Peterson on his shell.

14. I’ve never dyed my hair. That’s not really all that interesting except most people assume I do since I have blonde hair and darker eyebrows.

15.  Before teaching myself to crochet, my Mom was the one who taught me to knit. I made hats and scarves but got bored with that quickly.

16. My entire motivation to learn to crochet was my niece so I could make her an Elsa doll for Christmas a few years ago. I still give her 99% of what I make although she may be growing out of them at this point. How can I compete with a Dory toy that records your voice and plays it back in whale voice? I can’t….I can’t….

17. My future MIL also crochets. That’s not really about me, but she gave me bags and bags of baby yarn she had leftover from projects and doubled my stash. So it’s kind of about me.

18. I don’t buy yarn just because. Despite having as much as I do, it was all purchased for a specific project. (except the baby yarn obvi). I actually hate spending money so only buy new yarn if I absolutely have to.

19. I always have at least 4 projects going at a time because I get bored with the same thing all the time. This also means I’m always starting projects before I finish others so you can ignore #18 b/c I always “need” new yarn lol.

20. I’m that girl that plans everything for a trip or even just an outing. I go as far to think out contingency plans for different scenarios. I don’t sweat it if my plan doesn’t happen though, I just like feeling prepared. It works well for my job because when you’re on a trip with 15 80-year-olds something almost always goes wrong.

Wow if you made it all the way through (hi Mom and Dad) bless you because I’m not that interesting. Ask anyone who has met me in person and interesting isn’t the term that they’d say to describe me. Strange, maybe. Weirdo with no friends and too much yarn, perhaps.

But if you made it through all of that, my guess you are also a crazy yarn lady (or gent) and we have more in common then I think. Or you’re just really into stalking other people’s mundane lives. I’ll let you decide which category you fall in to.

Until next time!

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Designing Patterns is Mostly Unraveling

Hi Friends,

Has anyone ever told you that designing your own patterns is fun? Well, they weren’t lying, it really is. What they fail to tell you, however, is that designing your own patterns involves a whole lotta unraveling said work.

Like a LOT of unraveling.

For instance, take my Caron Cakes infinity scarf pattern….Oh wait, I never finished that thing because I unraveled it like seven times and then moved on to something else.

Well, what about that Easter Bunny design I was going to make in time for Easter? Whoops, he’s still sitting half done because I couldn’t get his ears just right.

Also don’t even get me started on how many flower patterns I frogged before I settled on designs for each element of my wedding. SO it’s not a glamorous life, but it sure is fun to see something from your imagination come to life in someone else’s hands.

I’ll be releasing my Avenger set soon. If you haven’t already, go check out the accounts of the fabulous ladies who helped me get these patterns just right (below). I tend to break the “rules” when I crochet and just go guerilla style so having them keep me honest in the directions was a lifesaver! To actually create something that someone else can follow along with will forever be my challenge, but I’m getting better at it.

nima_lab / wipstitchwingcreations / isa_bella9gentlystitchedcreations

Aren’t they cute! Go give them a follow and of course me if you’re not already. I read somewhere that to be successful you have to give your readers a call to action, or something for them to do. So go follow my Instagram!

Now I feel bossy, so I’ll just end this here…..

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A Knitted Bridal Shower

Good Morning Guys!

And a great one it is! At least over here. We’re at 35 days until the I Do’s so I’m not sure if there’s really anything that can get me down at this point.

I’ve finally uploaded some photos from my surprise bridal shower and thought y’all might be interested in seeing them. I should back up a bit though, lay some groundwork before springing such a big reveal on you.

I work in an Independent Living Community and plan events, parties, trips, etc. It’s all ver exciting. Not really, but it is fun at times and my residents are all my favorite people.

So last year for Valentines Day, I planned a pink tea for all the ladies to attend. It’s still one of the best events I’ve ever put on so I wanted to do another one this year. However, when I suggested it to my Activities Council, I received a lot of negative feedback. They really didn’t think anyone would want to come in February and why don’t we push it off until Spring.

Being the easy-going person I am (personal plug there) I said sure, whatever and scheduled it for March instead.

Hindsight this all makes sense because they didn’t think they’d be ready for my shower by February…..

Moving on, I plan this big luncheon and start getting really excited when I see almost every single lady in my community sign up for it. Having any gathering over 20 is a pretty big deal around here for anything besides our monthly dinner so I was in brag city.

The day of the tea arrives and I start setting up the room. One of my residents came over to the Clubhouse shortly after 9 am to “help me set-up,” which while I never turn down help, I usually set things up on my own. Every day there is a morning meeting at 9:30 am, and while I’m not required to go, it fills me in on everything happening around the community so I like to be there. That day however, I wanted to make sure the Tea was all good to go (it started at noon, meaning people would show up at 11:30 am)

This resident helping me set up kept asking about the meeting though and was I going to go, shouldn’t I really be there, wouldn’t I miss out on something important? Again, hindsight she was trying to get me out of the Clubhouse so they could do their thing, but, I am very obtuse about picking up subtle details or hints so I thought nothing of it and went to my meeting.

At my meeting, I bragged again about the tea and the high attendance and invited all Managers over for some lunch to show off. (I should tell you that they were all in on the secret so I was basically bragging about my own bridal shower to all my work superiors….embarrassing). When I got back people were arriving much earlier than even normal

When I got back to the Clubhouse, people were arriving much earlier than even normal so I got caught up in greeting people, mingling, and last minute details of the set-up. The tea was pot-luck so as dishes got brought in, I’d switch them over to a matching dish and display them on either the lunch of dessert table.

At one point one of the residents that helps out with events all the time looped her arm in mine just as I was about to pop into my office. I just assumed she was going to have me tell everyone it was time to start, but instead she started talking about my wedding and how they couldn’t possibly send me off without doing something.

Out came a cake, balloons, banners, you name it. All of a sudden my awesome Spring Tea was turned into a Bridal Shower.

She made me sit down at the head of the room (which I never actually sit during any even I put on) and told me I wasn’t allowed to clean-up, wait on anyone, or do anything besides sit and enjoy my shower. Then she started in on another announcement…..I’ll just let you watch what happened next.

Right!?!? There were tears everywhere. I really will never be able to thank them for this amazing gift they gave me. My Mom is my best friend, but lives about 800 miles away so I don’t get to see her that often. Only once or twice a year, so planning a wedding over the phone with her was not as much fun.

She stayed the entire weeked and we finished all last minute errands together. It was awesome.

So there ya have it. My yarn shower. It matches my yarn wedding pretty well. I really do have the best friends. They all just happen to be 60 years older then me.

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New Laptop, New Blog Priorities!


I finally bought a new laptop. I know, embarrassing right? It only took me 2 years and some change.

In case you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll remember that I spilled water on my keyboard back in 2015 while in grad school. Being poor I stashed it in rice for like a week and silently willed it back to life…..it worked….kinda.

I was left with a really slow system that gave off a constant buzzing noise. Not a good look. BUT it worked…kinda….

After I graduated I moved back up to Boston where I continued to be poor. I work FT plus side gigs here and there and guess what, I’m still poor. If you ever want to have spending money, don’t ever move to New England. Like, stay as far away as possible because they will take every single one of your pennies just for being alive.

But back to my story. While planning our wedding and attempting to buy a house all while being poor. (for reference, poor means not being able to afford rent and groceries in the same month) Something possessed me to also start saving for a new laptop…..

Enter my brand new (old) MacBook Air. It’s out of the box new, but it’s an older version that my Best Buy happened to still have in stock. So considering it’s a Macbook, the fact that it was under a grand makes it a great deal. I practically stole the thing!

They even checked my receipt on the way out the door. Maybe they always do that, I wouldn’t know, I never buy any new tech. (see iPhone 5 for reference).

So here we are. Perhaps this means I’ll actually write more? Perhaps this also might mean that I have poor timing and plan on writing more in the midst of planning a wedding and buying a house. I don’t know, call me crazy. We’ll see what happens.

Until then, keep on my friends.

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Black Friday Haul

Black Friday……

A day when cut-throat athletic prowess is put on display in the wee hours of the morning. And if you thought that old ladies who frequent yarn stores are exempt from such behavior then you’re deluding yourself. Granted they put a friendly smile on their face as they take the very last skein of yarn you’ve been all over town looking for, and pat your head and give you a toffee as you beg for just one……

I’m not telling a true story or anything……That definitely did not happen to me…..

And I mean even if it did, that’s not what the season is about right? It doesn’t matter that you’re making a very specific project that needs very specific yarn to finish in time for Christmas and you have to get that exact dye number….Nope, not what it’s about people.

Black Friday Yarn Haul

So instead of dwelling on the might-have-been, lets look at what I actually did come away with.


This was the only unplanned purchase that I made. I’ve always wanted one because I have bad eyes and even worse lighting in my apartment so 60% was just too much for me to pass on. I ended up with the clip-on and travel size versions. I immediately plugged in the clip on one and my life is forever changed. How did I ever crochet before now I’ll have no idea.

Loops & Threads Impeccable in Aran

As I mentioned in this post, I am making my wedding bouquet flowers. Bridesmaids are all in purple but mine will also have off-white roses to make up the bulk of it. Here’s what they’ll look like. Michael’s was having a 3/$6 sale on Tuesday as their deal of the day so I snagged a few.

crochet roses

I actually have another project I’m using this color for as well, but it’s a gift so you’ll have to be left in suspense until then 🙂

Baby Yarn in various colors

I didn’t actually buy any baby yarn, but I was gifted three full bags of misc yarn from JB’s mom on Thanksgiving. She crochets baby blankets but has no more babies to make for so I became a big winner on Turkey Day! I’m so excited to dive into those bags and incorporate them into my many baby ami’s I’ve got planned.

That’s all the yarn I allowed myself to buy. I also bought some clothes for work because I’m responsible with my paycheck sometimes.

Now I wanna hear how you faired? Did anyone brave the masses? Or worse, did you have to Work the chaos?? Let me know below!

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When Your Wedding Theme is Yarn

Hello friends,

I wanted to share a bit about how I came up with my blog name. Happily Yarn After. It all started when I got engaged and started planning our wedding. And before you think, oh great just another girl on the internet talking about her wedding (hey I love those blogs), why don’t you stay awhile for me to convince you that mine is a little different.

How different you might ask. Well my theme is yarn…..

Before you say it, I know what you’re thinking. A yarn themed wedding?!? I’ve completely lost my marbles, gone plum crazy, fell off the turnip wagon!

I’m not even sure that last one means what I think it means, but basically a yarn themed wedding seems….well strange. I get it.



Have no fear folks, you’re not the only one with that worry. Most people are at least nice and to my face say that it’s “unique.” It’s like the equivalent of “bless your heart,” but I’m ok with that. Why? Because I have zero self-esteem issues and do what I want!

Ha. Kidding. I don’t care because they just don’t know understand. If I wasn’t so in love with yarn I wouldn’t get it either. Just like I don’t understand people who let their dogs sleep in their bed, or actually LIKE staying out until 5 am. The same people I don’t understand, when I say yarn wedding think yarn wedding dress, yarn favors, yarn CHAIRS! Don’t worry, I will have regular, normal chairs for guests to sit on and no one is required to wear a homemade shawl.

So let’s take a look at what I actually plan on making out of yarn and then you can tell me what you think. Deal?

Alright! Here’s what I’m making.

  • Save the date banner (done, see above)
  • Flowers for bride and bridesmaids bouquets (mostly done)
  • Hearts to line the aisle
  • Flowers to hang as a backdrop for the ceremony arch (done)
  • Ring Bearer pillow
  • Cake topper (done)
  • A few surprises for day of!

Not that weird now right?……right? 🙂

It’s actually whole lot more subtle then you might think when I first say it. I guess saying my theme is yarn is a bit misleading. It’s more accurately rustic mountain wedding with yarn details. Does that make you feel more comfortable?

I’ve already finished many of my projects which I will be posting about in turn as I marked above. I’ve already posted some sneak peeks so be sure to follow me on Insta if you’re interested.

But hey anyone who’s invited knows of my deep and undying love of yarn, oh yea and that guy I’m marrying, so they’ll understand. And heck if they don’t that’s ok too I suppose.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think? Also if you used any yarn aspect in YOUR big day please please let me know below!

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Back at it


I really thought I was done with the blogging life, but once a blogger always a blogger I suppose. For anyone new around these parts (which technically would be everyone) here’s me.

meet kelsey

I blogged for close to 3 years under The Blonder Side of Life. Don’t try to find it. I was self-hosted and when I decided to be done about a year ago, I didn’t renew my Bluehost account. Of course I had thought I transferred everything back to the free version of wordpress before it defaulted, but alas, I have yet been able to revive poor ole Blonderside.


Besides I had lost all interest in writing that site anymore anyway. I felt extremely pigeon-holed into writing only lifestyle related posts and trust me, when your audience is expecting a fun, young 20-something living in Boston to be writing, they aren’t too happy when a stay-at-home and play with yarn 20-something show up in her place.

Not that I was blog famous by any means. Ask anyone if they read my blog and the only person to respond yes would be my Mother. So starting over from scratch targeting a new audience that can relate to me really wasn’t that hard of a decision to make. Although if I’m being honest, which I hope you know I am, I did post to my old Instagram account about this here blog in hopes some old friends would join me here. (and to y’all I say hello and welcome back!) Any blogger would be lying if they said they didn’t want others to read and relate to their writing. That’s why we post on the internet and not hide it in our journal under our beds. (although I did do that for close to a decade)

So Welcome to Happily Yarn After! Anyone who knows me IRL (and my bank account), knows that my very favorite thing in the whole world is yarn. I’m not really kidding when I say my only friends in Massachusetts are either over 80 years old or made of yarn. If you happen to live in Massachusetts and would like a somewhat anti-social friend who would chose to stay home and crochet over raging till the wee hours of the morning, please be my friend. I also like coffee and tall boots so maybe we can bond over those as well.

I hope to bring you my creations and stories of designing said creations as well as patterns and tips. Perhaps if I am savvy enough, the occasional teaching video! But mostly just me, a girl who loves anything yarn and sunshine, trying to share her joy with the world.

If you’d like to follow along on social media (pretty please) you can find me at the following

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