1 Hour Mr and Mrs Throw Pillows

Hello World!

I’m so excited to share this pattern with you! I doubt there’s any way possible for anyone to have avoided me talking about my wedding, so I’ll skip over all that and get right to it.

Anyone who wants to take a peek back, you can check out some crafts I planned out here and see my bridal shower here.

Back to the pillows.

crochet throw pillow

I teamed up with We Are Knitters for this one. Go check out their website and all their pretty yarn varieties. They also sell kits for projects like sweaters, beanies, and home decor. The best part is you can narrow down your search by skill level or yarn type and there really is something for everyone. My personal fave, the Yoki Blanket.

For my project I used The Wool, which is 100% Peruvian Wool.

And guys….it’s so squishy!!

I went for a simple color palate of grey, cream, white & black. We’ve been looking to buy a house/townhouse for what seems like ever. Boston real estate is no joke. So since we don’t have a house yet, who knows what color scheme our bedroom will be, so I went pretty neutral

If I were to make these again I would probably do the Mrs. pillow in white with black writing and the Mr. pillow in black with white writing. That color combo seems to be a pretty typical color scheme for Mr. & Mrs. throw pillows when you look on Pinterest and who am I to question the home decor Pinterest Deities.

These pillows work up so quick and no joke you could finish one in an hour. The only hang-up you might find is if you don’t already know how to tapestry crochet. Have no fear though, I’ve included a few photos to help you along in my Ravelry pattern! I promise it’s a lot simpler than you might think.

Now I’m not kidding when I say these only take an hour to make. Not a “I’m-crocheting-but-also-watching-a-really-intense-episode-of-the-Bachelorette” type of hour. I mean you sit down and count your stitches and work for 60 minutes. By the end of it you’ll have a throw pillow.

I suppose I’m being slightly misleading. You can’t finish both pillows in an hour. Or maybe you can. I can’t. You might be a crocheting superhero. I don’t know.

But let’s get to the pattern shall we? That’s why you’re really here, not to read my stream of consciousness.

I’ve listed this pattern in my Ravelry shop for a few bucks if you’d prefer to use the graph versus the written instructions. I personally like to work off the graph, it just makes sense to me. For everyone else, I have stitch by stitch instructions below. The pattern in Ravelry also includes a photo tutorial on how to color change in tapestry crochet.

Happy yarn bending and be sure to tag your work #HYAcrochet if you make any of my patterns!

Materials Needed:
  • We Are Knitters The Wool:
    • 2 balls of base color (I used grey)
    • 1 ball writing color (I used black)
    • 1 ball accent color (optional; I used white)
  • Size P/11.5mm crochet hook
  • Crochet needle for sewing pillow cover together
  • 12×16 Pillow form
MRS Pillow Pattern

Chain 61

1: sc into the second ch from the hook. Sc into each of the remaining sts. (60)

2-8: ch 1 & turn. Sc in each st (60)

(here’s where we start spelling, row 9 is worked backwards starting with the period)

9: sc 19 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 4 black, 5 grey, 4 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 16 grey

(Row 10 is worked forwards)

10: sc 16 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 5 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 19 grey

11: sc 23 grey, 2 black, 8 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 16 grey.

12: sc 16 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 3 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 25 grey.

13: sc 22 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 1 grey, 1 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 16 grey

14: sc 16 grey, 7 black, 1 grey, 3 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 4 black, 23 grey

15: Sc 37 grey, 7 black, 16 grey

16: sc 16 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 37 grey

17: sc 37 grey, 1 black, 5 grey, 1 black, 16 grey

18: sc all in grey (60)

19-23: sc grey in each st.


MR Pillow Pattern

Chain 61

1: sc into the second ch from the hook. Sc into each of the remaining sts. (60)

2-8: ch 1 & turn. Sc in each st (60)

9: sc 23 grey, 2 black, 4 grey, 4 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 19 grey

10: 19 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 2 grey. 2 black, 5 grey, 2 black, 23 grey

11: sc 30 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 29 grey

12: sc 19 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 3 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 26 grey

13: sc 26 grey, 3 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 black, 1 grey, 1 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 19 grey

14: sc 19 grey, 7 black, 1 grey, 3 black, 1 grey, 2 black, 27 grey

15: sc 34 grey, 7 black, 19 grey

16: sc 19 grey, 2 black, 3 grey, 2 black, 34 grey

17: sc 34 grey, 1 black, 5 grey, 1 black, 19 grey

18-23: sc all 60 sts in grey


Once you have the pillow cover all crocheted. simply lay it face down on a flat surface. Lay the pillow form on top and bring each end of the pillow cover together.


With remaining yarn, sew all open sides together. Be careful you don’t pull too hard on the yarn. Also try to pull as close to the sts as possible. With this yarn being 100% wool, if you pull too hard, it will simply shred apart. You can needle felt it back together though, so there’s hope if you accidentally pull it apart. I certainly did a few times before getting the hang of it.

Once your pillow form is all sewn in, you can embellish however you’d like. I again kept it simple with pom-poms on every corner, but you can do tassels, fringe, your imagination is the limit!

I hope you enjoy this pillow as much as I do. Don’t forget to check out what other awesome stuff you can find at We Are Knitters!

And if you feel so inclined, you can help me out by pinning my title image at the beginning. Love you all!

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Designing Patterns is Mostly Unraveling

Hi Friends,

Has anyone ever told you that designing your own patterns is fun? Well, they weren’t lying, it really is. What they fail to tell you, however, is that designing your own patterns involves a whole lotta unraveling said work.

Like a LOT of unraveling.

For instance, take my Caron Cakes infinity scarf pattern….Oh wait, I never finished that thing because I unraveled it like seven times and then moved on to something else.

Well, what about that Easter Bunny design I was going to make in time for Easter? Whoops, he’s still sitting half done because I couldn’t get his ears just right.

Also don’t even get me started on how many flower patterns I frogged before I settled on designs for each element of my wedding. SO it’s not a glamorous life, but it sure is fun to see something from your imagination come to life in someone else’s hands.

I’ll be releasing my Avenger set soon. If you haven’t already, go check out the accounts of the fabulous ladies who helped me get these patterns just right (below). I tend to break the “rules” when I crochet and just go guerilla style so having them keep me honest in the directions was a lifesaver! To actually create something that someone else can follow along with will forever be my challenge, but I’m getting better at it.

nima_lab / wipstitchwingcreations / isa_bella9gentlystitchedcreations

Aren’t they cute! Go give them a follow and of course me if you’re not already. I read somewhere that to be successful you have to give your readers a call to action, or something for them to do. So go follow my Instagram!

Now I feel bossy, so I’ll just end this here…..

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Stitch-a-long: Knit Stitch

Hello Friends!

And welcome back to the #HYAstitchalong!


Last month we learned the Jasmine Stitch (ps it’s complicated but not impossible if you haven’t seen it yet)

I’m not gonna lie to y’all and say that I was a complete success at it. I got busy with other projects and pushed it off several times. I did start a scarf and it’s so fluffy and puffy and warm! I’m using caron cakes so the variegated color changes are beautiful!

For a success story check out the pillow that Gemma made!! She’s one talented lady (plus she’s having a yarn wedding too so she’s my girl crush)

A photo posted by Gemma Russ (@gremlincrochet) on Jan 15, 2017 at 7:34am PST


So for February I couldn’t NOT do a stitch that involves hearts! Plus it’s super popular right now and I wanted to learn it.

Here it is in clipart form. Basically we can create a piece that looks knitted, but is realyl crochet!

Image result for knit stitch


  • I watched this tutorial by Wilma first, and honestly found it really difficult to stitch in the spaces.
  • Then I followed her stitch, but into the normal spaces of the stitch and created the same hearts sooooo…..that’s what I’m going to do, feel free to join me 😉
  • Here’s another really good tutorial to follow along with.


  • Check out this adorable heart pouch by Maria!
  • If you’d rather make a hat, tune in to this step-by-step.
  • Or you can just follow along a normal pattern and use two colors to place hearts to your lil’ hearts content like I’m doing!

I promise to attempt the real way to do this stitch at least one more time before I just cheat….but I mean, if ya ask me, if your only goal is to get the hearts, then you don’t need to do it the hard way. IF you want your work to look knitted, then yea, you’ll have to go in the spaces. Your choice!

I’m so excited for this stitch and I can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with!

Now who’s in! Be sure to tag your work #HYAstitchalong so I can see your work!

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Rainbow Pony “Sassy” Amigurumi

Hello Friends,

Now let me tell you a little story……

When I started knitting in grad school I stuck mostly to hats and scarves. The quintessential starter pack for knitters everywhere. You can read more about my origin story here, so I’ll spare you the details and just jump right into this pony pattern.

My niece really loves her little ponies, although to her they are all sassy dolls. why she calls them all sassy’s I have no earthly clue. The mind of a two year old is extremely complex however and I dare not try to match her intellect in this matter. I do however like to indulge her in her every fancy, that’s what aunties are for after all.

Enter the Rainbow Sassy Doll! (aka rainbow dash)


Even though I like to create my own patterns, sometimes if the wheel ain’t broke, don’t fix it ya know? Search as I might for a My Little Pony pattern, I just didn’t really like any of them. They were either too big, too expensive, or just plain ugly (sorry). So I instead turned to my second favorite option, customizing someone else’s pattern to fit my vision.

I really loved the Chinese New Year Pony doll that Stephanie created. Plus the mane was broken up into different sections which made it perfect for including the rainbow effect.

I am obviously not going to post the pony pattern here as it is Stephanie’s, but I will show you the alterations I made to it.

I made the body of the doll as written, but in the light blue yarn of rainbow dash. I used Big Twist yarn in sky blue and left out the color change for the hooves. Next I created the rainbow mane by having each of the 5 sections be a different color. Red, orange, yellow, dark blue, green. Thank goodness for ROY G BIV right? Or I guess in my case, ROY B G….

Apparently I failed kindergarten because I switched the green and blue.


red / orange / yellow / dark denim / green

To create the same effect in the tail was a bit more challenging since it was all one piece. I ended up doing something completely different so all colors were present and accounted for. Not sure I love the end result, but after making 8 different versions this was my best.

To make the tail my way, each color is worked up separately and then attached to each other before attaching to the pony. Chain 13 and then slip stitch back down the row.

If you want the tail to curl then you need to sc back down the row instead of slip stitch.


Attach everything and you have yourself a Rainbow Sassy!

It’s her Christmas present, along with a matching Rainbow Sassy hat. I know I said kids don’t care about hats, but com’on, how could I not make that for her! (UPDATE: she loved the hat more and wouldn’t take it all night when I gave it to her. I shall now eat my words haha)

Here’s a sneak peek of the hat! I still need to write up the pattern I came up with for the rainbow attachments so keep an eye out for that! It’ll be a free pattern!


Let me know what you think?

Rainbow sassy for the win?

Also don’t forget to check out my own patterns in the Ravelry shop or see what I’m working on over on Instagram!

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Stitch-A-Along: Jasmine Stitch

Hi Friends!

And a special hello to any new friends joining in for the Stitch-a-long!!

I posted on Instagram the other day asking people for their favorite stitches and after reading the comments it got me to thinking. There’s a lot of stitches out there so why not take 2017 as a learning year?

So I created the 2017 Stitch-a-long!

Each month I’ll be posting about a new stitch and we’ll have all month long to practice and post a project using that stitch! Big or small, whatever your little fingers desire!

So let’s get down to business shall we? This month we will be learning the Jasmine Stitch!

HYA Stitch a long January

I’ve always wanted to try something a little bit more complicated looking and I think this fits the bill nicely without causing me to pull my hair out….hopefully…..

Of course I won’t leave you hanging, I found a really well done tutorial right here on Youtube (Meladora’s Creations) for you to follow along with. Or if your prefer a picture tutorial check out her blog post. Once you think you’ve mastered it enough you can decide what project you’d like to complete. Get creative! Or simply practice the stitch over and over. Your choice!

I have a few ideas floating around my head but we’ll see how we do with the stitch first shall we?

In the mean time here are a few free patterns using the Jasmine stitch for you to check out to get some inspiration!

Keep track of everyone’s progress by tagging all your work with #HYAstitchalong I might even do some Instagram Live stitching with you guys so we can Actually learn together.

I really hope you join in with me, share with your fellow yarn bender friends and spread the word. Let’s can make this year a great crochet year!!

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Japansese Kokeshi Amigurumi Doll – Pattern

Hello Friends,

And welcome to Friday!

These dolls were a gift I made for my oldest brother. He works in graphic design and has always loved anime and Asian cultures. When it came to making him something special I really had no other choice.

Japanese Kokeshi Doll


I was completely working off the cuff so you can see how they are all three slightly different. It took me three times before I decided on the best pattern. The pattern is for the blue doll. I have directions for all the hair styles, but the actual body is written from the blue beauty.

I also used baby yarn for these. I don’t normally use baby yarn for anything but baby blankets and booties, but over Thankgiving, JB’s Mom gave me three full bags of leftover baby yarn and I loved the colors so here we are.

I will warn you that if you too decide to go the baby yarn route, the stitches are tiny and it can get hard…..so if you’re closer to a newbie then a vet I suggest going with a medium weight.

As a sneak peek I have included the instructions for the three hair styles below, but you can find the full pattern in my ravelry store. Only $2. 

Japanese Kokeshi Doll

Let’s get to the pattern.

What you’ll need:

  • size 3.5mm crochet hook
  • black, tan, and various clothing colored yarns.


  • begin just like you did for the head, magic circle and sc 6
  • 2sc into each stitch (12)
  • * sc, 2sc* repeat around (18)
  • *sc 2, 2sc* repeat around (24)
  • *sc 3, 2sc* repeat around (30)
  • sc around for 3 rows

bangs = sc, hdc, 2dc, 2dc, tc, 2dc, hdc, sc 2, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc around the remaining row.

long on sides = hdc, 2dc, 2tc, tc next 15 sts, 2tc, 2dc, hdc, sc, slip stitch next 7 sts

buns = magic circle, sc 6, 2sc in each st (12), sc around (12), dec around (6).

NOTE: Since I was using baby yarn, the yarn weight of the head was smaller then the yarn I used for the hair. If you find your hair is not fitting on the head, then you need to add another inc row. (*sc 4, 2sc* = 36) before you sc around for 3 rows. 

Japanese Kokeshi doll


Again, you can see all the differences in the three dolls I have pictured, so keep in mind this pattern is specifically for the blue doll.

Just a slight variation in you weight of yarn can change the measurements (hence the different size of the orange doll in relation to the others).

I hope the pattern makes sense to everyone. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or shoot me an email. (happilyyarnafter@gmail.com)

Also don’t forget to check out the full pattern as well as my others in my Ravelry store.

What do you think?

Please pin, tweet, share!

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Crochet Wall Hanging

Hello friends and Happy Wedding Wednesday!

When trying to decide what gifts to make everyone this year for Christmas, JB’s sister was probably the easiest one upon first thought. She got married in November so anything with her new last name or monogram usually goes over extremely well with newly-weds. (hint, hint)

However the actual application of the thought was what stumped me. What should I slap that new monogram or name onto?

-A throw pillow? They have two dogs that tear things up so that wouldn’t do.

-Perhaps some doilies, because nothing screams modern bride like doilies on all your end tables! That idea got scratched early on.

I think I finally came up with the perfect solution though.

Wall hanging!


Wall hangings are super popular right now, specifically yarn ones. And granted this one isn’t quite like the popular woven wall hangings that anthropology and stores like it have made popular. But it’s one of a kind. Literally nothing like it is out there right now. At least not in this medium.

I used a basic sc stitch for the actual banner. I kinda winged it based off of measurements of a banner I have from Target.

Then I embroidered her new last name and the the year they got married. And let me tell ya, embroidering calligraphy is extremely difficult to freehand, considering I can’t even write calligraphy with a pen!

crochet newlywed wall hanging

After I had the “P” completed to my liking, the rest came together a lot easier. When deciding what to decorate it with I was stumped again. I made a few tiny dog paw appliques, but they just didn’t seem to pop the way I wanted them to.

So I reverted back to what I know, flowers. She had these beautiful sunflowers at her wedding so I looked at a few pictures of crochet flowers on Pinterest and made it up!

crochet sunflower applique

Once those were stitched on I still felt it was a bit bare, so I decided to embroider the stems and leaves. I gotta say, it turned out a lot better then I originally thought I could do. The wall hanging is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now so I’m happy I have finally completed it!

The wooden bar I bought from Joanns in a pack of 6 for a few bucks.I kind of whip-stitched it on, then tied the hanging loop on. I did end up hot gluing the very end to the rod so that it’d be sure to stay.

I even ended up doing one for my other sister-in-law but I didn’t finish it in time for Christmas.

crochet wall hanging

I love these wall hangings so much I’ll for sure be making one for myself too. I’m toying with a few different designs as well so you might see those pop up.

What do you think?

Would you hang one of these up in your house?

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