20 Things About Me

Hello Instagram friends,

Assuming most of you are hopping over here from Insta anyway. I’ve never been know for being at a loss for words and in an attempt to get a little more visibility on my blog, I played a tricky blogger trick on you.

Hope you’re not mad 🙂

Sorry if you are….

I’m starting at #6 because I posted the first 5 to Instagram. You can click over to read them if you came here via Bloglovin (See there’s those sneaky blogger tricks again) It’s under the same photo as above.

6. We moved a lot growing up and I continued that tradition after moving out to College. The longest I have ever lived anywhere was Augusta, GA for 5 years. 8th-12th grade. Go Pack!

7. I have been to 42/50 US states and have a photo of each state sign in a tiny album with the date I was there. I’m missing the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Hawaii, & Alaska.

8. The only other country I’ve been to is Canada before you even needed a passport and the only thing I remember about it was the water slide that was inside the hotel. Pretty sure one of my brothers broke a tooth by gettnig kicked in the face on that trip too.

9. My favorite place I have ever lived was Lexington, KY where I was for 2 years while in graduate school. If I could get JB to ever leave Mass, I would choose to move back there. If anyone in Kentucky would like to send me some North Lime donuts I wouldn’t say no.

10. My least favorite place I’ve ever lived was Provo, Utah where I lived for 3 years during College. Not because of the people or the actual place though, my best friends all still live in that area and I had a great time. I was just too far from my family and was constantly homesick.

11. My two degrees are in Athletic Training (undergrad) & Health Promotion (graduate). I don’t currently work directly in either field but I use what I learned daily so no waste of knowledge here!

12. I am firmly on Team Redvines. They’re only sold in CVS or Walgreens up here, not that I’ve gone in search for them or anything.

13. JB is part of a Fantasy Football group and they have a giant trophy that goes to the winner. The winner then has to add something to the trophy. JB won 2 years ago and added a TMNT turtle I made with #28 on it for Adrian Peterson on his shell.

14. I’ve never dyed my hair. That’s not really all that interesting except most people assume I do since I have blonde hair and darker eyebrows.

15.  Before teaching myself to crochet, my Mom was the one who taught me to knit. I made hats and scarves but got bored with that quickly.

16. My entire motivation to learn to crochet was my niece so I could make her an Elsa doll for Christmas a few years ago. I still give her 99% of what I make although she may be growing out of them at this point. How can I compete with a Dory toy that records your voice and plays it back in whale voice? I can’t….I can’t….

17. My future MIL also crochets. That’s not really about me, but she gave me bags and bags of baby yarn she had leftover from projects and doubled my stash. So it’s kind of about me.

18. I don’t buy yarn just because. Despite having as much as I do, it was all purchased for a specific project. (except the baby yarn obvi). I actually hate spending money so only buy new yarn if I absolutely have to.

19. I always have at least 4 projects going at a time because I get bored with the same thing all the time. This also means I’m always starting projects before I finish others so you can ignore #18 b/c I always “need” new yarn lol.

20. I’m that girl that plans everything for a trip or even just an outing. I go as far to think out contingency plans for different scenarios. I don’t sweat it if my plan doesn’t happen though, I just like feeling prepared. It works well for my job because when you’re on a trip with 15 80-year-olds something almost always goes wrong.

Wow if you made it all the way through (hi Mom and Dad) bless you because I’m not that interesting. Ask anyone who has met me in person and interesting isn’t the term that they’d say to describe me. Strange, maybe. Weirdo with no friends and too much yarn, perhaps.

But if you made it through all of that, my guess you are also a crazy yarn lady (or gent) and we have more in common then I think. Or you’re just really into stalking other people’s mundane lives. I’ll let you decide which category you fall in to.

Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “20 Things About Me

  1. haah – true _ I did make it through because I am a crazy yarn lady too 😉
    I thought you were once in Kentucky – that’s where I came into your blog. Time flies.


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