A Knitted Bridal Shower

Good Morning Guys!

And a great one it is! At least over here. We’re at 35 days until the I Do’s so I’m not sure if there’s really anything that can get me down at this point.

I’ve finally uploaded some photos from my surprise bridal shower and thought y’all might be interested in seeing them. I should back up a bit though, lay some groundwork before springing such a big reveal on you.

I work in an Independent Living Community and plan events, parties, trips, etc. It’s all ver exciting. Not really, but it is fun at times and my residents are all my favorite people.

So last year for Valentines Day, I planned a pink tea for all the ladies to attend. It’s still one of the best events I’ve ever put on so I wanted to do another one this year. However, when I suggested it to my Activities Council, I received a lot of negative feedback. They really didn’t think anyone would want to come in February and why don’t we push it off until Spring.

Being the easy-going person I am (personal plug there) I said sure, whatever and scheduled it for March instead.

Hindsight this all makes sense because they didn’t think they’d be ready for my shower by February…..

Moving on, I plan this big luncheon and start getting really excited when I see almost every single lady in my community sign up for it. Having any gathering over 20 is a pretty big deal around here for anything besides our monthly dinner so I was in brag city.

The day of the tea arrives and I start setting up the room. One of my residents came over to the Clubhouse shortly after 9 am to “help me set-up,” which while I never turn down help, I usually set things up on my own. Every day there is a morning meeting at 9:30 am, and while I’m not required to go, it fills me in on everything happening around the community so I like to be there. That day however, I wanted to make sure the Tea was all good to go (it started at noon, meaning people would show up at 11:30 am)

This resident helping me set up kept asking about the meeting though and was I going to go, shouldn’t I really be there, wouldn’t I miss out on something important? Again, hindsight she was trying to get me out of the Clubhouse so they could do their thing, but, I am very obtuse about picking up subtle details or hints so I thought nothing of it and went to my meeting.

At my meeting, I bragged again about the tea and the high attendance and invited all Managers over for some lunch to show off. (I should tell you that they were all in on the secret so I was basically bragging about my own bridal shower to all my work superiors….embarrassing). When I got back people were arriving much earlier than even normal

When I got back to the Clubhouse, people were arriving much earlier than even normal so I got caught up in greeting people, mingling, and last minute details of the set-up. The tea was pot-luck so as dishes got brought in, I’d switch them over to a matching dish and display them on either the lunch of dessert table.

At one point one of the residents that helps out with events all the time looped her arm in mine just as I was about to pop into my office. I just assumed she was going to have me tell everyone it was time to start, but instead she started talking about my wedding and how they couldn’t possibly send me off without doing something.

Out came a cake, balloons, banners, you name it. All of a sudden my awesome Spring Tea was turned into a Bridal Shower.

She made me sit down at the head of the room (which I never actually sit during any even I put on) and told me I wasn’t allowed to clean-up, wait on anyone, or do anything besides sit and enjoy my shower. Then she started in on another announcement…..I’ll just let you watch what happened next.

Right!?!? There were tears everywhere. I really will never be able to thank them for this amazing gift they gave me. My Mom is my best friend, but lives about 800 miles away so I don’t get to see her that often. Only once or twice a year, so planning a wedding over the phone with her was not as much fun.

She stayed the entire weeked and we finished all last minute errands together. It was awesome.

So there ya have it. My yarn shower. It matches my yarn wedding pretty well. I really do have the best friends. They all just happen to be 60 years older then me.

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2 thoughts on “A Knitted Bridal Shower

  1. Oh my gosh… so glad you got that on video. It made me teary eyed.
    You have the coolest job – I bet you love seeing some amazing people every day.
    I cant imagine planning a wedding without my momma near. So glad you had that time with her.


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