New Laptop, New Blog Priorities!


I finally bought a new laptop. I know, embarrassing right? It only took me 2 years and some change.

In case you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll remember that I spilled water on my keyboard back in 2015 while in grad school. Being poor I stashed it in rice for like a week and silently willed it back to life… worked….kinda.

I was left with a really slow system that gave off a constant buzzing noise. Not a good look. BUT it worked…kinda….

After I graduated I moved back up to Boston where I continued to be poor. I work FT plus side gigs here and there and guess what, I’m still poor. If you ever want to have spending money, don’t ever move to New England. Like, stay as far away as possible because they will take every single one of your pennies just for being alive.

But back to my story. While planning our wedding and attempting to buy a house all while being poor. (for reference, poor means not being able to afford rent and groceries in the same month) Something possessed me to also start saving for a new laptop…..

Enter my brand new (old) MacBook Air. It’s out of the box new, but it’s an older version that my Best Buy happened to still have in stock. So considering it’s a Macbook, the fact that it was under a grand makes it a great deal. I practically stole the thing!

They even checked my receipt on the way out the door. Maybe they always do that, I wouldn’t know, I never buy any new tech. (see iPhone 5 for reference).

So here we are. Perhaps this means I’ll actually write more? Perhaps this also might mean that I have poor timing and plan on writing more in the midst of planning a wedding and buying a house. I don’t know, call me crazy. We’ll see what happens.

Until then, keep on my friends.

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