Rainbow Pony “Sassy” Amigurumi

Hello Friends,

Now let me tell you a little story……

When I started knitting in grad school I stuck mostly to hats and scarves. The quintessential starter pack for knitters everywhere. You can read more about my origin story here, so I’ll spare you the details and just jump right into this pony pattern.

My niece really loves her little ponies, although to her they are all sassy dolls. why she calls them all sassy’s I have no earthly clue. The mind of a two year old is extremely complex however and I dare not try to match her intellect in this matter. I do however like to indulge her in her every fancy, that’s what aunties are for after all.

Enter the Rainbow Sassy Doll! (aka rainbow dash)


Even though I like to create my own patterns, sometimes if the wheel ain’t broke, don’t fix it ya know? Search as I might for a My Little Pony pattern, I just didn’t really like any of them. They were either too big, too expensive, or just plain ugly (sorry). So I instead turned to my second favorite option, customizing someone else’s pattern to fit my vision.

I really loved the Chinese New Year Pony doll that Stephanie created. Plus the mane was broken up into different sections which made it perfect for including the rainbow effect.

I am obviously not going to post the pony pattern here as it is Stephanie’s, but I will show you the alterations I made to it.

I made the body of the doll as written, but in the light blue yarn of rainbow dash. I used Big Twist yarn in sky blue and left out the color change for the hooves. Next I created the rainbow mane by having each of the 5 sections be a different color. Red, orange, yellow, dark blue, green. Thank goodness for ROY G BIV right? Or I guess in my case, ROY B G….

Apparently I failed kindergarten because I switched the green and blue.


red / orange / yellow / dark denim / green

To create the same effect in the tail was a bit more challenging since it was all one piece. I ended up doing something completely different so all colors were present and accounted for. Not sure I love the end result, but after making 8 different versions this was my best.

To make the tail my way, each color is worked up separately and then attached to each other before attaching to the pony. Chain 13 and then slip stitch back down the row.

If you want the tail to curl then you need to sc back down the row instead of slip stitch.


Attach everything and you have yourself a Rainbow Sassy!

It’s her Christmas present, along with a matching Rainbow Sassy hat. I know I said kids don’t care about hats, but com’on, how could I not make that for her! (UPDATE: she loved the hat more and wouldn’t take it all night when I gave it to her. I shall now eat my words haha)

Here’s a sneak peek of the hat! I still need to write up the pattern I came up with for the rainbow attachments so keep an eye out for that! It’ll be a free pattern!


Let me know what you think?

Rainbow sassy for the win?

Also don’t forget to check out my own patterns in the Ravelry shop or see what I’m working on over on Instagram!

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