Stitch-A-Along: Jasmine Stitch

Hi Friends!

And a special hello to any new friends joining in for the Stitch-a-long!!

I posted on Instagram the other day asking people for their favorite stitches and after reading the comments it got me to thinking. There’s a lot of stitches out there so why not take 2017 as a learning year?

So I created the 2017 Stitch-a-long!

Each month I’ll be posting about a new stitch and we’ll have all month long to practice and post a project using that stitch! Big or small, whatever your little fingers desire!

So let’s get down to business shall we? This month we will be learning the Jasmine Stitch!

HYA Stitch a long January

I’ve always wanted to try something a little bit more complicated looking and I think this fits the bill nicely without causing me to pull my hair out….hopefully…..

Of course I won’t leave you hanging, I found a really well done tutorial right here on Youtube (Meladora’s Creations) for you to follow along with. Or if your prefer a picture tutorial check out her blog post. Once you think you’ve mastered it enough you can decide what project you’d like to complete. Get creative! Or simply practice the stitch over and over. Your choice!

I have a few ideas floating around my head but we’ll see how we do with the stitch first shall we?

In the mean time here are a few free patterns using the Jasmine stitch for you to check out to get some inspiration!

Keep track of everyone’s progress by tagging all your work with #HYAstitchalong I might even do some Instagram Live stitching with you guys so we can Actually learn together.

I really hope you join in with me, share with your fellow yarn bender friends and spread the word. Let’s can make this year a great crochet year!!

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