Black Friday Haul

Black Friday……

A day when cut-throat athletic prowess is put on display in the wee hours of the morning. And if you thought that old ladies who frequent yarn stores are exempt from such behavior then you’re deluding yourself. Granted they put a friendly smile on their face as they take the very last skein of yarn you’ve been all over town looking for, and pat your head and give you a toffee as you beg for just one……

I’m not telling a true story or anything……That definitely did not happen to me…..

And I mean even if it did, that’s not what the season is about right? It doesn’t matter that you’re making a very specific project that needs very specific yarn to finish in time for Christmas and you have to get that exact dye number….Nope, not what it’s about people.

Black Friday Yarn Haul

So instead of dwelling on the might-have-been, lets look at what I actually did come away with.


This was the only unplanned purchase that I made. I’ve always wanted one because I have bad eyes and even worse lighting in my apartment so 60% was just too much for me to pass on. I ended up with the clip-on and travel size versions. I immediately plugged in the clip on one and my life is forever changed. How did I ever crochet before now I’ll have no idea.

Loops & Threads Impeccable in Aran

As I mentioned in this post, I am making my wedding bouquet flowers. Bridesmaids are all in purple but mine will also have off-white roses to make up the bulk of it. Here’s what they’ll look like. Michael’s was having a 3/$6 sale on Tuesday as their deal of the day so I snagged a few.

crochet roses

I actually have another project I’m using this color for as well, but it’s a gift so you’ll have to be left in suspense until then 🙂

Baby Yarn in various colors

I didn’t actually buy any baby yarn, but I was gifted three full bags of misc yarn from JB’s mom on Thanksgiving. She crochets baby blankets but has no more babies to make for so I became a big winner on Turkey Day! I’m so excited to dive into those bags and incorporate them into my many baby ami’s I’ve got planned.

That’s all the yarn I allowed myself to buy. I also bought some clothes for work because I’m responsible with my paycheck sometimes.

Now I wanna hear how you faired? Did anyone brave the masses? Or worse, did you have to Work the chaos?? Let me know below!

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