Back at it


I really thought I was done with the blogging life, but once a blogger always a blogger I suppose. For anyone new around these parts (which technically would be everyone) here’s me.

meet kelsey

I blogged for close to 3 years under The Blonder Side of Life. Don’t try to find it. I was self-hosted and when I decided to be done about a year ago, I didn’t renew my Bluehost account. Of course I had thought I transferred everything back to the free version of wordpress before it defaulted, but alas, I have yet been able to revive poor ole Blonderside.


Besides I had lost all interest in writing that site anymore anyway. I felt extremely pigeon-holed into writing only lifestyle related posts and trust me, when your audience is expecting a fun, young 20-something living in Boston to be writing, they aren’t too happy when a stay-at-home and play with yarn 20-something show up in her place.

Not that I was blog famous by any means. Ask anyone if they read my blog and the only person to respond yes would be my Mother. So starting over from scratch targeting a new audience that can relate to me really wasn’t that hard of a decision to make. Although if I’m being honest, which I hope you know I am, I did post to my old Instagram account about this here blog in hopes some old friends would join me here. (and to y’all I say hello and welcome back!) Any blogger would be lying if they said they didn’t want others to read and relate to their writing. That’s why we post on the internet and not hide it in our journal under our beds. (although I did do that for close to a decade)

So Welcome to Happily Yarn After! Anyone who knows me IRL (and my bank account), knows that my very favorite thing in the whole world is yarn. I’m not really kidding when I say my only friends in Massachusetts are either over 80 years old or made of yarn. If you happen to live in Massachusetts and would like a somewhat anti-social friend who would chose to stay home and crochet over raging till the wee hours of the morning, please be my friend. I also like coffee and tall boots so maybe we can bond over those as well.

I hope to bring you my creations and stories of designing said creations as well as patterns and tips. Perhaps if I am savvy enough, the occasional teaching video! But mostly just me, a girl who loves anything yarn and sunshine, trying to share her joy with the world.

If you’d like to follow along on social media (pretty please) you can find me at the following

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